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If we showed you every available variation on this dining suite youíd be here all week. Change the table size, the leg, the colour, even how many leaves it has. Then choose from dozens of chairs with just about as many options. Okay, all the choices can be confusing but we can help. Weíll build it on our I-Pad for you so you can see exactly how itíll look. Easy-peasy Ė and you get the style and quality thatís unique to you and your family.

IFD Live Edge
Straight from the factory floor to you this wood table with steel base has the industrial look and feel thatís so popular these days. The scooped and scalloped edge is a reflection of the natural contours of the rough cut initial slices off a log. Large dovetailed inserts lock the top together and provide a distinctive design element. Available in one size only this table suite promises years of compliments from friends and family alike.

Click the U-Design link to the left to design the perfect Canadel dining suite. Choose the table, change the colour, the leg and more and see what itíll look like in real time. Lots of options for chairs and cabinets too. Because of all the possible combinations - and to avoid misunderstandings - we donít give quotes on this product over the phone. Print out your creation and bring it to the store - thereís important information on it that we need when pricing and gives us a chance to explain some of the options that might save you money.

Canadel and IFD aren't our only sources for dining furniture. These links to some of our suppliers will introduce you to a vast selection of tables, chairs, related cabinet pieces and more. You’ll find everything from those well-priced imports to the impeccable quality of the finest furniture companies in the world – Canadian of course.

Please note
: We carry a generous sampling but with so much available not everything is on our floor. However, anything you see online you can order from Applegate & James.

Legacy Classic - http://www.legacyclassic.com
Bermex Furniture - http://www.bermex.ca
Worldwide Furniture - http://www.whionline.com/index.html
Canadel - http://www.canadel.com/
IFD - http://www.int-furndirect.com/
Jofran - http://www.jofran.com/

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