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To be honest, you’re not going to be able to figure out how comfortable a mattress is by looking at a picture so we’re not going to show you more than this one. But we’ll give you some information about what you’ll find at Applegate & James – as well as tips on shopping for a mattress.

Serta’s the big gun in the bedding business. They make dozens of mattresses under a variety of names. Some of the differences are subtle, some more profound. We use only one criteria when selecting which ones we’ll carry: A good night’s sleep.

Most mattresses today don’t require turning like they used to – with thick plush toppers it would be all but impossible to do anyway. We don't carry alot, just what we think are best in foam and innerspring. Drop in when you’re tired and give them a try.

How to Buy a Mattress

When To Replace – Mattresses wear out so gradually it’s hard to pinpoint when they need replacing. Here are some tips that might indicate a change is needed: You sleep better when you’re away from home. You’re always tired in the morning. You have back problems. The mattress looks worn and sags. (By the bye, don’t be fooled into thinking the foundation is okay just because it looks good; if the mattress is worn out, the foundation’s likely weakened and should be changed too or your new mattress won’t be supported properly and wear out prematurely).

Which Is Best? – That’s easy, the one that’s most comfortable. And because we’re all built differently that differs from person to person. That’s why there are so many mattresses out there. It can get very confusing. So how do you make sense of it all? Choose a store you trust like Applegate & James and listen to your body when you test them out.

How to Test a Mattress – Lay on it as you would at home. Sitting on the edge or pushing down with a hand tells you nothing. If you’re shy ask the salesperson to leave you alone while you lay down. And by all means take your time.

How Long Will It Last? – Hard to say actually. Two people who weigh 98 pounds will have their mattress longer than two people who weigh 300 pounds. That’s why the length of the mattress warranty really tells you nothing about how long it will last. It’s a statement about the quality of materials and construction not a guarantee of durability.

Firm or Soft, What’s Better? – A mattress should support you the way you stand. After that it’s a matter of taste. Soft or firm comes down to the upholstery on top, not softer or firmer springs. Go with what feels best. One note about thick, luxurious mattresses; you’ll find that just as your shoes pick up an impression from your foot so will plusher mattress tops take on an impression of the way you sleep. This is normal.

Size Matters – Two people who share a double bed get only 27 inches each, about the same as a crib. Queen is definitely a better option and for pure luxury (assuming you have the room), you can’t beat king.

Caring for Your New Bed – Because our torso is heavier than our legs, one-sided mattresses should be rotated 180 degrees every 6 months. And be sure to use a mattress pad. Badly stained or damaged mattress surfaces void the warrantee.

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